My name is Jackie, and I actually don’t like peas too much.  I never liked most vegetables, which is why it’s pretty unexpected for me to turn vegetarian – even to me.  As I got older and my taste buds started changing, I started to realize that I actually liked certain vegetables, and I wanted to see if I even needed meat in my diet.

On June 23rd of this year, I decided to stop eating meat as an experiment.  I thought maybe I could go for a week without eating meat, and that was true.  And as I thought about not eating meat, I started to research vegetarianism, and found benefits that are perfect for myself.  In no way am I trying to convert others to vegetarianism – I just want to maintain this change in my diet to attempt a better lifestyle and better body.

Other things about me?  I work in insurance, and I also coach college speech.  I like discovering new things, especially food.  And I go through obsessions, here are my current ones:

  • Bethenny Frankel from Real Housewives of NY: She’s so pretty and fit and stylish that I completely forget she was ever on an annoying housewife show.
  • Healthy recipe blogs
  • Man v. Food: Can ya tell I love food?
  • MSN.com’s frontpage: Always interesting at 8AM

Others to come soon, I’m sure.

I wanted this blog to record my own transformation to a vegetarian lifestyle, and hopefully relate to some others about food and fun.  So…yeah.  I guess that’s it =)


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