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August 4, 2010

Semi-tarian: Compromise or Copout?

So I haven’t been able to update much since I’ve been busy with work and classes. But, I’ve taken a lot of notes about my no meat lifestyle.

My first note is really a question to myself. Why be a vegetarian? Yes, I care about animals. Yes, I want to watch out for my health. Yes, I want to be able to digest food easier. No, I don’t crave meat a lot. But as I ponder over my own reasons, I realize how easily I can refute them (not that I want to).

I can’t seriously claim to be a vegetarian for animal rights. I think they have rights and are adorable, but I still mistakenly eat gelatin and other animal byproducts at times. The only way I think I could watch out for animals is to be vegan – which I am not willing to do.

As for health, I still fall into old habits of eating junk. I definitely changed my habits concerning veggies. I eat way more fruits and vegetables than before, and that is mainly due to vegetarianism research. That research includes the blogs listed in my blog roll – they helped immensely. But really, if I have gotten any healthier the past month, it’s from researching what I eat – not cutting out a part of what I eat.

Initially I thought my digestion would improve with a vegetarian diet, and that has happened to an extent. I still go through phases where I eat intense amounts of cheese (which I’m not willing to give up), and that creates problems for the stomach as well.

It’s very true that I have not really craved much meat while banning it from my diet. I did not think I was missing out on protein at all, I consumed plenty through beans, yogurt, vegetables, etc. But that doesn’t mean I’ll never eat it again, unfortunately. I am dumb at times, and I am perfectly capable of getting tipsy and scarfing a chicken wing, or caving into peer pressure and eating a burger.

But! I still want to focus on eating mainly vegetarian. I realize I want to stop focusing on NOT eating meat. I want to focus on eating as many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and animal-friendly foods as I can.

That’s where I begin to ponder the idea of a semi-tarian: one who eats partially vegetarian. Is it a copout? Or is it reasonable?

More coming on this idea soon…